Sunday, June 25, 2017

Heavenly Father really does love us!

Hey Everyone! This week was pretty crazy! It started off by being on exchanges, Sister Russell and I got a call saying that her companion was going to Guam because she was so sick and she had to pack all of her stuff and be to the air port in 2 hours! So we had to hurry and run back to their house, get her companion packed and off tho the air port! After she left we were in a trio for the rest of the week working in both areas! It was kinda rough to see people! But it was fun! Lots of laughs and learning from each other! 

Yesterday was when everything got shook up!  We went to church and were blessed to have 58 people at church and 5 investigators! It was insane! As we were sitting in church I just felt like i was going to be leaving! I just felt like i had done what i needed to in the Uh Branch! That the Branch was now going on its own!  We went proselyting and our very last lesson we had with Kikileen and Kohrner (eternal investigatos) Oh man i love them with my whole heart! We started the lesson by singing I am a Child of God and that then i just got really sad because i knew this was going to be my last lesson being "their" missionary! I didn't realize how true it is you will get tired of doing something for a long time but then when the time comes to leave you will not want to leave!
So here it is..I'M GETTING TRANSFERRED! Mesihsou! My new companion will be Sister Russell! Heavenly Father really does answer prayers!  I am so sad to be leaving the Uh area! I can definitely say that this place has changed me! I am excited to have a new start and be with Sister Russell! We have been with each other since the day we stepped on to Pohnpei and now we actually get to be companions! #Blessed!

I just want to say enjoy the things that seem hard, boring, fun, trying, and tiring because before you know it change will come and when it comes you wont want it to! But thats just when you have to look back at all the things you have learned, experienced and how far you have come and COUNT YOUR MANY BLESSINGS! I am so grateful for everyone that I met in the Uh area! They have taught me so much and they will for ever have a place in my heart! 

Thank you for all your love and support I hope you all have a great week! 

Sister Bowers
Sister Alanzo and Sister Bowers

Sister James, Sister Russell and Sister Bowers

Sister Bowers and Limwe, her bestie on the island! 

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