Sunday, June 4, 2017

Don't you wish you were in Pohnpei!

Sister Bowers with her mission President and Sister Zarbock
Hey everyone! I thought I would share some funny experiences that i feel like would only happen in this mission..

1. We were having a lesson with one of our investigators Jessica and right in the middle of the lesson all the kids start laughing and screaming and they just start saying "Pek, Seri pek!" Which means "Poop, the kid pooped!" Haha oh man you probably dont know but kids here just run around naked and just go to the bathroom were ever. So there we sat in the Nahs and i turn around and sure enough there was poop on the floor haha!

2. Sat down and had a lesson with one of our members wives and then looked down at my legs and everywhere there were ants just running! Tinny ants and they are so fast haha so i just said what ever and taught a lesson with ants all over me!

3. Our house hasn't had water for a couple days so we have a really big tank that we have to go and scoop water out for the toilet, or there is some running water out side the house that is dirty that we could use so we showered with that water for a few showers and then Sunday morning came ahah we didn't really know how we were gonna shower and then right as soon as we woke up it started to down pour! So you can only guessed! We grabbed our Pompeian skirts and showered in the rain! #WhatABlessing

Want a ride to church?  We love these people.

4.Thursday morning at 1:30 am i got up to go to the bath room and its always a battle between you and the cockroaches, you have to prepare your self to jump so they dont run on you when you turn on the light aha well i didn't prepare my self and i turned on the light and sure enough you can only guess, yep! The cockroach went straight up my leg! haha and you can only imagine what word i said! HAHA Yes i repented!  :)

Haha oh the experiences you have on missions! I just want you all to know how grateful i am to be on this mission and to be in the Micronesia Guam Mission! I have learned more than i ever could have! They always say you learn things on your mission that it would have taken you 40 years to learn without a mission! All i can say is i believe it! I have learned so much! I have hit rock bottom and some how manage to bounce right back up! So my advice to anyone who is thinking about going on a mission..DO IT. Its going to be the hardest, funnest, craziest, trying, scariest, happiest, most spiritual, thing you could ever do! So DO IT! It is the most rewarding thing! I am so grateful for this gospel i love it with my whole heart! Have a great week! Love you all! Thanks for all the love, support and Prayers!


Sister Bowers

This girl is seriously a LIFE SAVER! Sister Russell with Sister Bowers

Pretty toe nails.

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