Tuesday, January 31, 2017



Hey everyone!  Not much has happened this week! Every week I seem to be learning something new!  This weeks is that missions show you your weaknesses and that is very disrespectful to eat out of pots!!  HAHA oh man!  Pohnpei ....there is no where else like it! The picture of me with my muddy legs is an everyday doing.  You never go home without your legs covered in mud!  We were walking through the jungle and my crocs which were to big so the were slipping everywhere
(crocs+mud= not a good idea)
We were on a tight schedule and so off the crocs and on came the mud!   haha iam sure you all would have  had a good laugh! Anyways I hope you all have a great week!  I know this church is true and the little things such as reading the Book of Mormon and praying everyday that keeps us going and on the straight and narrow path!  I love you all !!  Thanks so much for the support and prayers!
Have a Great Week!!
Love Sister Bowers

Sister Wari    and    Sister Bowers

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Machetes and Heads?!?!

Hey everyone! How are you all doing?! This week was pretty slow but I share a quick story! We went on exchanges this week and we were doing some service for a less active and she was having us use a machete to cut the bushes. So Sister Russell and I would switch off using the machete! So it was my turn..(just picture this two white girls and a machete) anyways I start swinging and then Sister Russell would grab the loose braches and through them in a pile! So I am swinging away and I get a feeling that I need to stop, so I turn and look at sister Russell and all she says to me is "Is it bleeding?!" I then go holy crap I just hit her in the head with the machete! Hahah oh man I dropped the knife and was like I am done I am so sorry! Hahah but no worries all is safe and sound! All the injuries we left with was sister Russells scratch on the forehead! hahah Oh man it was pretty scary!  :)

 Sorry this email is short but next weeks will be better! Love you all!

  A couple things that I have learned this week!

1. When swinging a machete make sure no one is around you!

2. The lord answers prayers.

3. Humility

 I Hope and pray that you all are doing well and have a great week! Thanks for all the love and support!


Sister Bowers

Monday, January 16, 2017



Sister Bowers, Sister Russell, Sister Pokipala and Sister Tuevi getting
 baptismal clothes.
(photo credit the amazing Sister Fulton)

Sunday, January 15, 2017

What have you learned?

Still loving the piggies!

Hey everyone this weeks email is going to be different! Not much happened this week! Our mission president came this week but nothing to exciting! So this week I decided i would just tell you a couple things i learned this week!

Things Sister Bowers learned this week:
1. You can't force people to like you, so heck, just be yourself!
2. When you eat healthier you feel alot better!
3.When you run out of toilet paper, the Elders always are prepared with their boy scout moto,
    "Always be prepared" 
4. In life, you eventually learn not to care (:
5. Realized how blessed I am when i have water with a little bit of dirt chunks and a little bit of
    brown tint rather than straight brown water :) (YES STRAIGHT BROWN WATER)
6.I have never seen the power of Satan and the power of Heavenly Father work against each other so
7. Week #2...Fights really do happen in church..Sometimes it can put 4 people in jail and one in the
8. Now that i think about it i really am grateful for Sunday School and Relief Society 
9. When your companion tells you to get the torch she doesn't mean grab a stick and light it on fire
    she means get the flashlight!
10. If you leave bananas in a plastic bag they mold really fast!

Limwee and Sister Bowers! Beautiful ladies!

Fried Bananas

Sunday Primary kids? (I think, she doesn't send info with the pics)

Haha well i hope that you all have a great week! And i hope you learn/learned a lot!!!   Thanks for all the letters! Love you all have a great week!!

Love Sister Bowers 

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Happy New Year!

Hey everyone I hope that your New Years has gone great! My new years has been pretty great! To start off the week, Limwee our girl that comes teaching with us wanted to come with us on Monday night but we had another Member present with us, named Mary Sahm but she had to go back home so i go whelp lets go get Limwee! So we drive to her house and she is waiting on the side of the road! I say get in! She comes and hops in she starts speaking in Pohnpain saying, "YES! I prayed that you guys would come! I was sitting at home thinking man i really want to join the sisters tonight so i prayed. And then i had a feeling that i needed to go and get in the shower and get ready for you guys to come! So i showered and put on my dress and came and waited for you by the road!" She was the cutest thing! So that boosted my faith.

Then on Tuesday i whipped up 3 cakes for the members and took it to them! Tuesday morning we did service with a less active family, the Siamon Family. We just pulled weeds and "mwutd" means clean the mud free of weeds! 

On Wednesday we went walking because its walking Wednesday you know! :) So off we went talking to everyone! We were led to so many part member families and to so many new investigators! It was amazing!  

On Thursday we went to Zone Conference! It was awesome! In the meeting one of the Elders said that he was talking to an elderly couple on Guam and the elderly couple had said that they heard the quarm of the 70ty were talking about a temple coming to Micronesia!! (Well im not really sure who was talking about it but anyways...) they said if it comes it would come to Pohnpei because Pohnpei is the strongest island with the church on it! WAHOOO!!!!!!!! And then they told us that Elder Holland is going to Tokyo next month and for some reason is stopping on GUAM TO TALK TO OUR MISSION!!!!!!! WTH?!?! How crazy!! President Zarbock has no idea why he is coming either! So i am really excited! ELDER HOLLAND EVERYONE!! 

On Friday we were able put Ivas Kataus little brother Wetson on date so that was really awesome! 
Saturday was a day full of miracles! We went and did service with one of our investigators Kikileen and then we went to go do service with one of our other investigators names Uren, but she wasn't there it was just her mom. So we told her mom we were here to do service and then she asked us to come back another time but asked if we could come back tonight and do a lesson, they had had some things happen in their family and Satan was really working on them, so i decided to share with her a scripture from mosiah 18:18-21 i believe that talks about praying always! When we started our lesson we started with a song, and from that moment on she had tears in her eyes, she had to go talk to someone during the lesson, and while she was gone Sister wari asked me if she had eaten, i just kinda brushed it to the side and said i am sure she has, but when she came back it and sat back down she looked at us with tears in her eyes and said "When Uren gets back we will sit down and talk, we are all going to church tomorrow and we are all going to be baptized!" I just sat there in complete shock! I Then asked her if she had eaten she said no, so i knew in that moment what we had to do, we hurried and eneded our lesson and ran to the store and bought her enough food to eat! When we came back she came running to the car, and once again with tears in her eyes, all she could say was "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" I knew in that moment that there was no place i would rather be! Than serving my mission to help Bercy! 
On Sunday i was asked to give a talk i stood up and said, " Menseng Mwahu Kumwial koaros, i kapinki ni ansou mwah..." And that was it and then a huge fight broke out! Two little boys started punching each other and it was crazy and then it blew up even bigger! haha so i just stopped talking and went and sat back down, the our branch president stood up and talked about Satan and how Satan is working harder and harder, everything is fine now in the branch! It was pretty funny though ill have to re act it for you all when i get home! 

I want you to all know that i know this is the work of the lord, i miss you all so much but there is no place i would rather be! I know that the Lord is guiding me through his work! I love all the people that i have met! I wish that you could come and meet them all! I love you all so much! Have a great week! Be safe! Love you!!! 

Sister Bryn Bowers