Sunday, June 11, 2017

Keep praying don't stop!!

Hey! Another week down! This week has been a good week! We have been busy working with a bunch of less actives and have had great success! Seems every less active we teach has become less active because they stopped reading their Book of Mormon! So DONT STOP! 
We were teaching one of our investigators and after the lesson my planner got passed around it has a picture of me and all my sisters on it and man they just love it! Ha they were like "Sister Bowers ke rei rei duwete nih!"  Which means Sister Bowers your as tall as a coconut tree! ha they all thought it was pretty funny! 
This week we were having a lesson with a less active and her family and we were just getting ready to say the closing prayer and this drunk guy walks up playing music really loud! And then sits down right next to me and shuts it off! I kinda got scared not gonna lie but i was called on to say the closing prayer, as soon as i started praying on came the music swearing all! All i could think was KEEP PRAYING DON'T STOP! I ended the prayer and the moment i ended the prayer he left. Yes he was drunk. My testimony grew so much that day of about how powerful Satan is! He wants us to do things to break commandments so that he can take control of our lives for a few hours! It was crazy to see how hard Satan works to destroy the work! 
Any ways Satan is real! So keep doing the little things because those are the things
that matter most! Have a great week! Love you all!!

1. Cockroaches never leave!
2. Rats don't even phase me anymore...well as long as i find them dead.

3. Sneak peek of District Meetings

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