Monday, July 25, 2016

Nothing too exciting......

Sister Bowers and Sister Misa'alefua

Sister Bowers AND Sister Alanzo

July 18th
     We went and drove around the island and took a lot of pictures. While we were driving we received a phone call from the Sister training leaders that my companion would be going with them and my trainer and I would stay in our Mand area so my trainer could properly train me and stay focused! Because she goes home next week!!

July 19th
 We went out teaching and ended up meeting a lot of people! The area I'm in seems to be struggling. The recent converts are children so there is not really a support system! So today we went and checked on all the recent converts. We taught this 15 year old girl who was baptized in  March and has already began to fall away!  She is struggling with the Word of Wisdom and the law of chastity, which is really sad! But we were walking with her and she grabbed my hand and held it as we walked. As soon as she did my heart was filled with JOY! I was overcome with love for this girl!! It made me feel as if I were her sister, kinda like Kinzlee, meaning their the same age!! Oh want to be able to help her!  I am so excited to meet her again!

July 20th
       We stayed in because my comp is sick!  So my day was spent  writing letters, studying the language and eating cereal:) Oh and cant forget... WASHED my laundry by hand!!

July 21st
     We had a farewell fireside for my companion and had a district meeting earlier that day, so that was all:)

July 22nd
     Tonight we were walking around and one of our less actives , Sidney Bowas, happened to be drunk and came over to talk to us!   He hugged me and wouldn't let go!! So that was a little awkward!!!

July 23rd
    Stayed in :(

July 24
     We were able to put 2 of our investigators on date!!! YAY!! Church was great!  A little fun fact, I ate rice hot dogs and eggs for dinner! Nothing better!! 

Sister Bowers and Sister Russell --P-Day
Hope you all have a great week !  Thanks for all the prayers, letters and emails.

Love, Sister Bowers
I love the people!!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Bathing with EELS!!!

Sister Bowers and Sister Wahlquist on exchanges.

July 12th-18th

July 12 ---- We went on our morning run and I encountered my first topless woman! Haha What a surprise! We taught a lesson and my companions translated what was being said but then I had them stop translating to see if I could understand what they were talking about. So they stopped  and I was able to pick out words and put sentences together!! The gift of tongues/interpretation is real!!

July 13-- Not much happened:(

July 14 ---Shower in the river!! We ran out of water in the house which is a common thing! So we had to get buckets and stand on rocks in the river and dump water on our heads!! Oh did I mention the eels? and that they like rocks! So I showered not only in the river but with eels also!! Bet No one else has done that!!

July 15/16----Exchanges!! My first exchange!  It was fun to go and see another area and how other missionaries are teaching! It was nice to be with someone who was Exactly obedient! It makes missionary work a lot easier!

July 17th----Church!! Church is weird here!  They don't have pianos so every song we sing is us and our voices ( I couldn't spell acapella?) haha but its pretty cool!  I sit there and can only pull out some words that they are saying!

I just wanted to leave you with my testimony!  I know that this gospel is true and with all my heart!
I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer!! I have truly come to understand the atonement and that it is a gift, the only way to live with  Heavenly Father!  And we should apply it to our every day lives! I have truly come to love the Book of Mormon while being out! I have come  to learn that even though it was written in older times it is meant for todays world and todays people! I know that the words it says are true! I now know what it means to be on the receiving end of prayers!  I want to say thank you for all your prayers! I have felt the GREATLY!! I know this gospel is true and I share this with you in the name of Jesus Christ , Amen.
Have a great week!   I Poakepoake  IUHK!
                               (I Love You)
Thank you for all of the support!

Love, Sister Bowers:)

I saw this on the one of the moms pages and this is so TRUE!! GO Sister Bowers!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

More pictures!!

This is Castro he is a recent convert. A story is coming in a letter. Bryn says the kids follow them saying "Sisters, Sisters" She loves them! She loves the people of Pohnpei!!!!
This young mans sister is serving in the Boise Idaho Mission.  We'll be finding that Sister and giving her a copy of this picture. 
Tender Mercies.

 Beautiful Pohnpei!

Sure miss this girl!! She is doing great things! To know her is to LOVE her!!

White girl!!!!

Moving in .....Cleaning Day!!



Hey everyone! Not much has happened this week due to one of my  companions finding out that her grandmother passed away! So we stayed in side most of the week! A couple of things that have happened i have cleaned more mold and other things in my house than i have ever seen in my entire life! One of the members fed us but it was right after i had eaten lunch so of course i wasn't hungry but she slapped the plated clear full with rice and rammen noodles and apparently its rude if you don't eat it all so there i sat, stuffing my face full with food that i felt was going ot come right back up! Another thing that i learned quickly is that spam makes me very sick! So I will now have to tell the people that i am allergic to it so i don't get sick! A funny story were sitting in church and I cant understand what anyone is saying but the only thing i pulled out was white! I am the only white person in the Branch so obviously they were talking about me! haha its funny! They call me sister Manama which means "power" So i walk around and i just hear sister Manama! Sorry its so short! but if you would like to know more my family has some more stories! thankyou for all the emails! hope and pray all is well where ever you might be! 

Love Sister Bowers :)

P.S.( the picture of us on the couches is us being sick from the food! And soaking wet from the rain!)



Monday, July 4, 2016


P.S. my dress is wet from the rain not my sweat!

On Sun, Jul 3, 2016 at 6:25 PM, Bryn Nickelle Bowers <> wrote:

Hello Everyone! Happy 4th of JULY! I hope and pray everything is going great! Everything is going good here on Pohnpei! We left Guam last night at 7:45 and arrived here in Pohnpei at1AM!! So im just a little tired!  It is sooo pretty here! I havent made it to my own house but they say when we get there were going to have lots of cleaning to do! 

 On the island there are lots of fruits! Some are not so much my favorite! I am in a trio my companions names are Sister Misa'alefua and i just met my other one last night Sister Alanzo, she is from Pohnpei! So hopeing and praying that she can teach me the  language! I am behind all the other greenies on the language because they have all been her for 2 weeks and this is only my 1 day here so its goonna take some time!!

 It is very humid here so my hair is always looking like a lion plus the rain doesnt help!  But oh well life goes on!! The people here are very loving and caring! Sorry for the short email again but time goes so fast! I can honestly say i hav felt your prayers and i am soo very grateful for them! i am praying for you all each day! LOVe you al!! have a great week!!!

 Here is my address for those who would like it!

Pohnpei Zone

P.O. Box 2203

Kolonia, Pohnpei, FSM 96941

THanks for everything, 

love, sister bowers
Coconut Crabs.. I can't believe she holding it!! They are extra large hermit crabs!
A view of Pohnpei.

As you can see Sister Bowers is doing great . She is learning the Pohnpeian language. She says she is two weeks behind the other greenies on the language because she has been on Guam for two weeks due to just getting to Pohnpei. Gotta love the smile.  She loves the people already.   We love our missionary. Keep on keepin on!!!