Sunday, June 26, 2016


Hey Everyone! Hope all is well and everyone is doing great! So i arrived in Guam Last week! And have been reassigned to the Pohnpei Island! So yes! A new Language! the language sounds like jibber talk its pretty crazy! I am still on Guam right now and will not fly out until the 3rd of July! Due to flight issues! So for now we have just been tracking and trying to find new people which consists of LOTS of walking which means lots of blisters!! YAY! Its funny because there are not a lot of lights on at night so you just walk by faith! Every house you knock on you hope that everyone has some clothing on! It gets so hot that its like "Normal" to go with out clothes!

   The people here are sooo friendly you walk around and all the little kids just run after you and say "Sisters sisters!" they are the cutest! There are cockroaches everywhere! YUCK!! All over in the house and just everywhere!! So that was a shock to me! I sweat all the time because it is so hot!! It rains quite a bit and when it does there is no hope for staying dry! 

   Sorry i don't have much time to day but I just want to say that i love you all! Missionary work is defiantly not easy but in the end it is all worth it!! I know that this is where i am supposed to be! I love and pray for you all have a great week!!!
Is that dinner?  Bryn said  "bahaha no are you kidding me I am not going to eat it until I absolutely have to!!!"

Bryns's new roommates!! YUCK!!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Guam boudnd in 4 DAYS!? WHAT!?

Hey guys! How is everyone doing!?! Hope all is well where ever you may be! Not to much has happened here at the MTC! Its like the same routine everyday! Wake up eat, go to class, teach, study, eat, go to class, teach, study, eat, go to class and FINALLY Sleep!!! YAY! I am completely exhausted by the end of the day which is a good thing! I must say if i didn't have the companion that i have I probably would have really struggled through the MTC! Everyone probably thinks were just a bunch of jokers but hey were working hard and being ourselves that is all that matters right!?!
 My favorite part of the day is when we get to exercise! We have been playing a lot of beach volleyball which i absolutely love!! The other day Sister Leslie and I decided to go and lift some weights (keep in mind i haven't lifted ever since i go out of college) so we went and did legs, basically a little bit of everything! and then literally and hour after my legs were so sore so that probably wasn't one of our greatest ideas considering that we have to climb stairs everywhere we go!!! So it has been funny im sure all the missionaries get a good laugh when they watch us walk!
 Only 4 days left in the MTC! We have to be to the travel center at 2:30 and then i will be flying for like 29 hours!! CRAZY!! I will leave on the 20th but then arrive to Guam on the 22nd because of the time change! Its going to be along day!  But i am completely excited! Thank you for all the letters, emails, and packages! You guys are the best!! Thanks for all the prayers as well! i am truly blessed! Love you all have a great week! Next week you get to see some island pics hopefully!! Love you!

Sister Bowers

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Only 12 more days!!!

        Hey!! Everything is going great! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT here in the MTC!!!! Sister Leslie is my companion! She is from Blackfoot Idaho!! How crazy! I absolutely love her to death!!! She is the sweetest!! everyone says we are just alike and basically the same person!!! It's so funny everyone says that we talk all country/hick! Its kinda funny! Everyone always says we are perfect companions!! my district is awesome everyone is so sweet! The food was rough here! Ill be honest my companion and i were constipated for the first week!! haha just a little laugh for ya!!

 The MTC is amazing i can feel the spirit so strong where ever i go! I know that without a shadow of a doubt that this is where i am supposed to be!!!! My companion and i tend to stay up latter than we probably should but who cares right!? We just gotta get to know each other!! The MTC is crazy I am finding answers everywhere! We have taught two investigators, both twice, and have had lessons planned for the both of them but when we get there the lord has something else in store for us to teach! It has been amazing to see how the spirit can prompt us in what to say! It is so amazing! So many stories i wish i could just pick up the phone and call and let y'all know about it!!! 

   Missionary work is hard defiantly not easy! BUT it is defiantly worth it!! (Sorry about all the spelling errors! I just have so much i want to share but my brain thinks faster than my hands can type!!) Being here in the MTC i have truly come to know that the lord really does know each and everyone of us individually! I have truly come to know this through my companion!! 

   It was so awesome David A. Bednar came and talked to us! It was awesome although it was kinda hard to stay awake and really focus! (I have never really had the Bowers gene of being able to fall asleep so easy until i came to the MTC and am completely drained!!) He showed us his new song that is coming out titled " One by one" I hope that you will all listen to it when it does! It is amazing! 

  So another funny Idaho story! We were in the dorms the other night and my comp and i were studding and i see these "sisters" dancing in the hall and i was like "what the?! they say we cant dance!!" So i was wanting to join them but then figured i needed to study!  Anyways the girls end up coming over to us and i was like "yeah i was wanting to come and dance with you guys!" and then she asked where we were from so we told her Idaho and then she told us we couldn't dance because we were from Idaho! I really took all that i had to not throw it down with her! haha people here think were like walking potatoes its a joke!! 

Sorry this email is crazy!! Next weeks will get better!! i just have soooo much i want to share but cant put it into words that make sense!! Hope all is well where ever you may be! thank you for all the prayers! I am praying for all of you as well!! Have a great week!!  Love ya!!!

Sister Bowers

Sister Bowers teaching Sister Leslie new tricks! Oh Bryn...we love you!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Provo MTC.....

June 1,2016 
Dropping Sister Bowers off at the Provo
MTC. What an experience!

One last hug that has to last 18 months!!

"The Car Ride"

One last family pic across from the MTC.

She's off....."One foot in front of the other, and Don't look back!" Sister Brianna Beck

First Letter from the MTC On June 2, 2016

HEYYY!!!! Everything is going great!!! I ABSOLUTLEY LOVE IT!!!! Madi is my companion!!!! OMG!!!! How crazy!!!! I absolutely love her to death!!! She is the sweetest!! everyone says we are just alike and basically the same person!!! Our sister training leaders always say we are perfect companions!! my district is awesome everyone is so sweet! So funny story I talked in my voice and said hey and everyone was like what the heck?!?!?! haha it was funnny! The MTC is amazing i can feel the spirit so strong where ever i go! I know that without a shadow of a doubt that this is where i am supposed to be!!!! Yesterday we sang armies of helaman and they changed the the words to we are his missionaries now! so the girls in my district all went to bed really early last night and me and madi stayed up till 12 they probably hated us but oh well!!!!