Sunday, August 21, 2016

New Name TAG?!?!?

Here's this weeks letter in picture, sorry its just easier to do it that way! Oh and I got a cool new name tag! ;) But I just wanted to bear my Testimony that I know this church is true! I Know that Joseph Smith did restore it and that he did see Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ! I know that the Book of Mormon is true and its meant to guide us and help us! I have really come to rely upon the Book of Mormon and Prayer on my mission, when you feel like you have nothing you ALWAYS have something, the Book of Mormon and Prayer! I know that Heavenly Father is aware of us, he hears and answers our prayers, he knows what trials we are going through! I am also so grateful for my trials! Even though I hate them in the moment I know that they are meant for my own good in in the end! I have to come to have greater appreciation for the atonement of Jesus Christ, it is only through him that we can become clean from our sins, and return to our Father in heaven! I am so grateful for the opportunity that I have to serve Heavenly Father! I KNOW THAT THIS CHURCH IS TRUE! I share this will you in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

 August 15- August 21
   Hello  everyone! How was your week? Hopefully it was great! Hopefully everyone enjoyed the fair!  This week was pretty slow due to my companion being sick  for  a couple of days! But she is all healthy now! So for those of you who have been wondering  my language is  coming along!  In lessons I now speak mixed basically half English and half Pohnpeian!!  So it is coming, slowly but it is coming!! 
    This week we were teaching a family and  after the lesson the wanted to feed us so we all gathered around and I see him bring out the rice , the fish and soup!  So I get closer to the soup and there what looks like a chicken foot in the soup with the leg still attached to it! So I did try it!!! It actually tasted better than chicken! The man said it is a bird that is really hard to find and can only be found in the forest!! CRAZY!!!
     We have been teaching this little boy named Princeton. He comes to church every week !! All by himself and he is 9 years old! He would always run up to us whenever he saw us  and would say " Sisters when am I going to get baptized!? ' I have never seen so much desire from someone before! So off we went to ask his dad for permission. His dad told us that he didn't want him to make the wrong choice so he said he needed a while to decide!  A few days later Princeton comes running, "Sisters, I can be baptized on September 4th!"  The Lord works many miracles!! I am so  grateful to be a missionary and to do  the Lords work! Have a great week !! Thank you for  all the support, all the emails, letters and packages!!  YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

August 7-14th Not much this week!

Sister Bowers did not send an official letter just some interesting pictures.......

Palm trees of Phonpei.

Baptism.... President Kalio, Romie Sister Alanzo and Sister Bowers.

We sent Bryn with some sticky traps and this is what she's caught so far!  I think they're working!

Sister Bowers Companion Sister Alanzo.  Sister Alanzos family was baptized by Elder Spencer Rice that lives in  the Burley area.  Such a small world just like at Disney World!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Missionary Work!!

Bryn's first baptism. Lynell.  She was so excited!!

Hey everyone! How was your week!? This week was awesome! I have seen so many miracles and tender mercies from Heavenly Father this week! We met a lady named Bermena on Friday and had a lesson with her, we then invited her to come to the baptism that we were going to be having on Saturday and also to church on Sunday! She said that she would come. So we arranged rides for her to come! So Saturday came and we were headed to the baptism and we see this lady walking and it was Bermena! We asked her why she was walking and she said she got tired of waiting for the car to come so she started to walk! She ended up doing the Same for church as well! 

 This really touched me! People here have very little, no cars, no shoes, no water so it is hard for them to go places! What would you do if you were her? Would you be willing to walk to church? My faith has grown so much! I absolutley love these people! They are willing to give all even when they have nothing! I love being a missionary and seeing the light of Jesus Christ come over people! I know this church is true! Have a great week! Love and miss you all!!

Love, Sister Bowers

Always making some face! Its catchy .... Even Sis Alanzo is catching on!!

Love the perma grin BRYN!!! Miss that smile!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Hey everyone!! How are you all doing? Hopefully everything is well where ever you may be!  This week has been humid as ever here on Pohnpei!
    This week has been great! We have been teaching this 19 yr old girls named Lynell, they have been teaching her before I came and she wanted to get baptized but she couldn't  because she had a calling in the Protestant church!  But now she doesn't! So we were teaching her and at the end of the lesson she says " I'm ready!"   The spirit was so strong! She will be getting baptized on the 6th I am so excited for her!! It is so awesome to be able to see the Lords hand and the spirit how they direct you!
        On a more funny note, in our area we have to cross  rivers.  So my companion starts to head across first and then as soon as I go to cross I her " AH man, sister!" I look up to find her sitting in the water all wet! HAHA I just started laughing!  We laughed for a couple of minutes then she finished crossing. Except we take our shoes off when we cross because the rocks ar so slick. So I'm standing on one side and shes on he other side of the river and  I have all our stuff!   So I say " I'm gonna throw your shoes catch them" so I throw her shoe and as I let go my first thought was Oh No!! Her shoe hit the tree branch and fell in the river  and down the stream it went !!!! HAHA  oh man we both just stood there and laughed !! I felt pretty bad!
         TRANSFERS!!!!!   So my companion is finished with her mission and heads back this week so I get to have Sister Alanzo come back and finish my training! I am so excited!! She use to be my other companion but was sick quite often so my mission president moved her to an area closer to the hospital, so now she is coming back and I couldn't be more excited!

    I want to bear my testimony to you, I know this church is true!  I know that Jesus Christ lived an died for us  and it is through Him that we can return to our Heavenly Father. I am grateful for the atonement!!   I am grateful for trials and how they strengthen us! I know that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God! I know that the Book of Mormon is true and it can help us so much!  I am grateful for the opportunity I have to serve  a mission and to here in Pohnpei! I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ  of Latter Day Saints is the only true gospel on the earth today! I share this with you in the name of Jesus Christ, AMEN.

Have a great week! Love & Miss you ALL!!
                ❤️ Sister Bowers
This is Sister Alanzo .. Bryns old/new companion . She is so excited to have her back!!!!!!!!

THE only road in Pohnpei that goes around the whole island!!