Sunday, March 26, 2017

John is my FAVORITE

John,Josh, Sister Bowers, Johns grand-daughter and Sister Wari

Hey everyone this week was good! We were so close to having our baptism with John our blind investigator! He is so cool! But he is going to hopefully be getting baptized this Saturday with his little grandson! I absolutley love teaching them! We see them every day just to keep them progressing and because they are never busy. 2 of my favorite lessons that we taught them this week were 10 commandments and Prayer, Scripture Study and Obedience. I loved teaching them the 10 commandments because when we teach the 10 commandments we use our hands and make things, as you know John cannot see so I go to sit right in front of him and teach him by him using his own hands! It was probably one of the most coolest experiences I have ever had! So I am so excited for John and Josh (His grandson) to get baptized this coming Saturday! I just keep praying that everything will work out!

Sorry but besides that this week has been pretty short! Oh our Branch got a new Branch president which I think will help with the branch a lot! So I am really excited about that! A scripture I want to share with you all this week is 1 Nephi 7:12 go and read it! And do what it says! Exercise your faith in Heavenly Father and I promise you that as you do your prayers will be answered, you will receive the help you need, but always remember Heavenly Father knows all and knows when we need certain blessings!

I hope you all have a great week and be safe! Remember to always have faith, its what everything starts with!


Sister Bowers

Monday, March 20, 2017

Missionary work is not for WIMPS!

Hey every one! How was your week!? Mine was great! I went on Exchange with Sister Fehoko and we went and saw one of their investigators whos kids are literally demons! Haha my name tag was flying everywhere, my clothes were getting pulled everywhere, getting punched and kicked where ever hahaha all I could do was laugh because I was like this is a joke! haha While we were in the middle of teaching one of her kids got mad and when out side and grabbed the machete, yes its in kids reach, I am in Pohnpei! And then he comes in the house and is just staring at Sister Fehoko and all I could think was holy crap he's gonna hit one of us! So we just sat there and I just began praying! The little kid when right in front of Sister Fehoko and Swung the Knife and sister Fehoko didn't even move! The knife barley missed her face! Oh man I stood up to go get the kid and then all the mom did was chase him out side! I literally can bear my testimony to you all that the lord watches over his missionaries and he protects them!! So me as a missionary I want to personally THANKYOU  for praying for the safety of the missionaries!

A cool little experience i had this week was we had an old investigator that we hadn't been able to see in a long time, her name is Bercy! We were driving and the spirit prompted me to stop at her house, no matter if there were people there or not, so we get to her house and we stop and get out, there was no one, we went to the house no one. We start to walk toward the car and i could hear her in the jungle, so i call her haha it how they do it here in Pohnpei and she comes! I was so happy! She was like "How come you never came back!" So we were able to set up an appointment with her and have been teaching her ever since! Oh man it was the coolest thing! Just by listening to the little promptings of the spirit we can be lead to great blessings!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Pictures :)

YES..... we're a croc wearing mission, don't you wish you were too???

Marleen and Sister Bowers

Sister Russell and Sister Fehoko brought home some crabs.

The Famous SOHN!!! He is mwuting (weeding) and can't see.  How awesome is he!

Mwoaropw uhpw!  How the cook their breadfruit! In leaves.

Our Primary Class in our Uh Branch!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Amazing Sohn!

Emailing with Sister Fehoko

Hey everyone this week was good! I was able to go out with Sister Russell and go teaching because our companions were sick! We were teaching one of our new investigators named Shon! He is a 67 year old man who is blind. We were teaching him and invited him to be baptized! He says yes and he said that it is so important that we all get baptized! Oh man it was such a good lesson! He i a man of so much faith! I have never seen someone with so much faith before! Then we go back the next day and he says "Wait can i still get baptized if i am not married?" Sister Russell look and each other thinking uhhh not again! Because it is hard to get people married here on pohnpei! So we talk to him and he tells us that him and his wife don't sleep together don't live together, they just hang out during the day, so we tell him that we will call our mission president after the lesson to see if he could get baptized. Before we left we invited him to come to church the next day! He said yes! So its sunday morning, we went and woke him up and had called our branch president to see if he could go and pick him up and he said he would. We were sitting in our church building and it was 9:05 and we just started sacrament I began to pray "Please let him come please!" and then i looked at the door and i see Sohn and his grandson guiding him to the building, yes tears were running down! Oh i have never felt so happy! Sacrament meeting was soo good! Then during Sunday school i was able to sit with him and in the middle of the sunday school lesson he leans over to me and says "Did you talk to your president to see if i can get baptized?" Oh man i was so happy i told him that he could he was so happy! 

 I wanted to share this experience with you all that even when we feel we are in dark times imagine Sohn shut your eyes and put all your faith in Heavenly Father he will lead you! I am so grateful for the opportunity that i have to meet Sohn and to have him change my life! Even when we walk up to his house that is on the hill in the jungle, surrounded by rocks i think to my self and even sometimes try to shut my eyes and walk like Sohn I think how does he do this and then it comes its because he has FAITH. So this week be like Sohn and have faith :) 

 I hope that you are all doing well! Have a great week! Love and miss you!!!  Thanks for all the support!
I am a child of God.  One of the primary children at church.